13 Types of Blog Posts that Drive Traffic and Attract Readers

It is important to discover that which type of blog posts are getting popular and gaining good traffic. If you are looking to create a huge list of audience then you must avoid to write ordinary posts that is not helpful for readers.


You must have to ask yourself these two questions before writing a post for your blog:

  • What is the interest of my readers?
  • What type of post will be shared more?

If you follow some popular blogs, you’ll notice that some posts types are constantly published and also those posts are more tweeted, liked and most commented. All you have to do is to find the interest of your readers and create a strategy of publishing best type of post that brings traffic to your blog.

To help in this matter, I have compiled a list of post types that will help to grow your traffic much faster.

1. List Posts


Headlines that contain numbers bring more traffic than other headlines. Search engines love list posts and readers also tend to share this type of post more than other types. You can see examples of this post type on every blog, you can check “25 Ways to Increase Facebook Likes” as inspiration. Have a look on featured posts in the sidebar of Income Diary, 85% articles are List posts.

Read some more reasons why list posts are popular to drive traffic:

  • List posts grabs the attention of the readers because of numbers.
  • List posts are easy to read and time saving.
  • Readers can quickly scan the list post to find the information that they are looking for.
  • Lists posts are most shareable content on social media sites.
  • Search engines index the list posts much faster.

2. “How to” and Tutorial Posts

A word “how to” we often see in search results. Everyone is trying to find solutions for their problems. For example, “How to get traffic”, “How to make a blog” or “How to install WordPress“.

Readers love to read step-by-step process of doing something and they will also share it with other people who are looking same kind of information. It’s an easy way to craft repeat visitors.

Tutorial posts are also same as “How to” posts. Usually we make a tutorial to teach something to our readers. If you are expert in something, create tutorials in the form of step-by-step procedure or you can also create videos. Lynda is a great example for getting video tutorials.

3. Top Lists

Another post type which drive traffic is Top Lists. People pay more attention to this type of post when you list a collection of top things or people and sort them in suitable manners. Have a look at this example of “Top 10 Youngest Billionaires“, author has listed popular people who become rich in young age.

Some tips to write top lists posts:

  • Make the title or headline that attract people. For example Top 20 Winners and Losers in 2013.
  • Sort out this type of post annually. Readers will take more interest to know new additions in the top list things.
  • Cover almost every popular niche in this post type. For example you can write about top bloggers, top photographers etc. Search engines will send relevant people to our blog post.
  • When you write about someone, there’s less chances that he/she will not share your post. You must also let him know that you have mentioned in your post.

4. Interviews

If you are pretty good in taking interviews then you should go for it. You can get heavy traffic by taking interviews of famous celebrities or popular people. But if you are not good in interviewing someone then don’t do interview posts.

You can interview someone in Video, Audio or Text form. Check out Darren Rowse’s interview as an example of text based interview. ProBlogger interviewed Pat Flynn in Audio and you can also check video interview example of a professional blogger Darren Rowse by BecomeBlogger.

Tools you need for interviewing someone

If you are interviewing someone offline then you’ll need:

  • A good camera to record video.
  • A good microphone to record audio.
  • A place where you can meet that person to take the interview.
But if you are planning to take interviews online then it is really easy and inexpensive to get started. You’ll need:

  • A good Internet connection.
  • A computer.
  • Webcam and microphone.
  • Skype
  • Video call recorder so you can record Skype video calls.
  • Video hosting service for example YouTube.
If you are excited about it then you should give it a try and contact someone for interview who is famous or popular.

5. Humor

People love to see funny videos and photos on internet. There are thousands of website who are getting huge traffic by sharing funny and silly videos. If you’re planning to publish something funny then you should go for it. You can publish crazy funny photos, funny conversations, interesting or weird videos or lists of interesting things. Check out this funny conversation example between client and a designer.

6. Resources Posts

Sometime a list of resources bring huge amount of traffic to your website. Everyone wants to have best resources to complete their tasks. You can share your own resources with your readers such as which tools are you using to grow your social media marketing or what types of things you need to create a blog or a website.

Example: 52 Totally Free Resources for Bloggers

7. Comparison Posts

Comparison posts or you can say “vs” between two or more things, this type of posts still working. You can compare two services or products and write about their qualities and advantages. Idea is really simple, just take two popular things and create an attractive headline and add a “vs” in the title. For example, Android KitKat vs iOS 7 or WordPress vs Blogspot. I hope you get the idea of comparison posts.

Example: Apple iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c

8. Images and Videos

Images based blog posts also bring a lot of traffic. There are thousands of such website who only share images and getting millions of visits every day. If you are planning to write an image based blog post you should know SEO for images for better search engines ranking.

Example: Stunning Examples of Black and White Photography

  • Some tips for image optimization are as follow:
  • Add ALT text to your image. ALT is the text that search engines use to recognize the image. So add a proper keyword as your ALT text.
  • Add images which are small in file size. Search engines love those pages which load faster.

Write a proper file name for images. This will also improve search engine ranking.
Future is all about videos. After images, videos are 2nd source that people love to watch online. Videos are the best example of building relation between you and viewers. You can create videos of your popular articles and share on YouTube. Write a catchy description and add link of your relevant blog post, this will bring traffic to your blog. You can also promote your products that you are offering on your website.

9. Freebies, Giveaways

Offering freebies or giveaways is one of the powerful method to collect subscribers and readers for your blog. Your freebie must be high quality so more people can find interest in it, you can place a small form of saying “Subscribe to get this Freebie via email” not only you will get subscribers, you will also get traffic to your website.

10. Trends

Writing about latest trends is also a source of getting traffic. People love to follow latest trend and they always search to know more about it. For example, every designer is adopting Flat Design trend and adding flat colors and shapes in their work. Even Apple has changed their interface of iOS7 to flat.

Example: Apple Is Embracing The Flat Design Trend – Are You?

11. Reviews Posts

Readers are interested in reading review about product or service which they are going to buy because it helps them to make a better decisions that which one is good for them. Even when I was going to buy a new cell phone I first read some reviews that which smart phone is best in market. Writing review posts can make a change in traffic of your blog, thousands of websites have been launched on this topic and they only share reviews about products or services. Review posts are valuable because it make readers to come back and read more reviews about other products.

12. Best and Worst

List of best and worst things also brings huge amount of traffic. It is similar to comparison posts but we don’t use “vs” in title. You can tell your readers about negative or positive aspects of using any website or product.

Example: 7 Things You Must Avoid While Designing a Logo

13. Breaking News

Breaking news are a great source to bring quick traffic to your blog but traffic stops when news gets old. Yup, it is the fact when news that you shared gets old, traffic will decrease because no one will search for old news.

The best breaking news example I have seen is death of an actor Paul Walker in a car accident. It is the most shared and tweeted news now a days.

There is no single day when we don’t check our blog stats to see how many visitors we got last day. And the increase in traffic gives us a boost to work harder. I hope this article will help to drive traffic to your blog by writing effective posts.

It’s your turn now, tell me which of these post types are your favourite? also let me know if you know any post type that drive traffic.