10 Tips on How to Choose a Good Domain Name

A domain is the name by which a company is known on the internet. It is the most important thing you need to have, if you want to start a website. In simple words, the URL we enter in address bar to open a website is called domain name.


How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Below, I have listed 10 useful tips on how to choose a good domain name for your website or blog.

1. Use Keywords

Keyword research is very important, find best keywords that describe your business perfectly. Start playing with those keywords by making pairs and try to use the keywords in the beginning or end of the domain.

2. Easy to Remember

Select the domain which can say easily by you or other users. It should also be spelled easily, so the user can remember it how to spell it.

3. Easy to Type

Your domain should also be easy to type, avoid the names which includes those letters which we don’t type often like “Q”, “X”,”Z”.

4. Choose .com TLD Available Domain

Having a .com domain name is ideal, the majority of internet users try to find your website name using .com extension. Other domains like .net, .org, .info etc. are also good to establish a website but .com is more preferable.

5. Keep it Short

When choosing a domain name, people usually don’t use the short words, they select a long name which is hard to remember. Short names also allow to create a better branding for your website.

6. No Hyphens and Numbers

Both Hyphens and numbers also make it hard to remember the domain name. Typing hyphens is bit odd and people ignore that kind of stuff.

7. Make Your Domain Expandable

Avoid the names that don’t allow to add more products in your website. For example, buybabysocks.com is a good name but what happens if you expand your business and start selling cloths and other stuff. So, choose a good domain name which is expandable and help you in future to expand your business too.

8. Domain Name Should Belong to Your Business

The domain name should also belong to your business, for example, if the business is related to health then the name of website could be healthcare.com, kidshealth.com or familyhealth.com etc. Registering a domain which is not related to your business will not get favor from search engine and the target audience.

9. Check Competitors Names

Do proper research on your competitor websites and their domain names, how strong the names are and which keywords they used. Try to select more stronger but catchy name than your competitors.

10. Hire an Expert

If you are not able to find a suitable domain name for your business then hire an expert for domain registration. Do not take it lightly when choosing a domain for your business, it will be the identity of your business on the internet. If it is hard to find an expert for name suggestions, you can hire me to give you the best domain name for your business.

What Tools I Need to Search and Buy a Domain Name?

Here is the list of tools that I use personally to find and buy a domain name:

  1. Domize.com
  2. Wordoid.com
  3. Godaddy.com
  4. Domains.com
  5. Namecheap.com

Your Turn

If you feel that I have missed any important step on how to choose a good domain name, please let me know via your comments. Or if you know any good website to register a domain name write it in comments, users will love to see your suggestions.