Tutorial on New Campaign Feature in Blogger

Blogger is improving its platform day by day by putting different features to make it more compatible and optimize for the users of Blogger. Hence, this time Blogger has introduced another new feature for making your blog more optimize which is called “Campaigns”.


The Campaign feature in Blogger can help you to expose your blog to many more users by advertisement. Let me explain more about Campaign feature in Blogger, this feature allow you to advertise your blog with Google when you’ll use this feature then your blog will start appearing in the search results of Google with every related query and when the users will come to your site then you’ll have to pay to Google for that traffic. Simply, it is a kind of advertisement of your own blog in the World’s most prominent search engine.

Using Campaign Feature in Blogger

After knowing about the Campaign feature in Blogger, it is time to learn about applying it on your blogger. It is not a difficult task to do, you have to follow the simple steps that are elaborated below and you are all the way through it.
  • First of all you have to go to Blogger and Select your Blog
  • Now from sidebar Click Campaigns 
  • Then you’ll see a window with different options
  • Additionally, from there you have to click on Start Now
  • Afterwards, you’ll be redirected to another page of Google Adwords
  • Then you’ll have a form like below one, where you have to add the necessary information, but remember that if you have already an Adword account then you are not supposed to fill the form you can directly login to your account and seek for Campaign option.
  • Afterwards you have to create a new campaign and then you have to give a name to your Campaign it may be related to your blog. Additionally, you have to fill out the complete form and most important thing you have to set the budget for your campaign that budget would be on per day basis and in last Click on Save and Continue.
  • Now the most important thing starts, it is time to design the ads for your blog. You are supposed to give an attractive headline and an appealing description for your ad to make it look good and compel others to click on your ad ones and in last do not forget to add the URL of your blog where you are supposed to redirect the traffic from search engines. You may see the live preview of your changes with the ads and also do not forget to include the related keywords tin order to receive the targeted and right traffic on your blog.
  • And in last Click Save and Continue to Billing
  • Then it will ask you to select your country and after that Click Continue
  • Afterwards, it gives you the billing options you have to fill out the form and pay to the company; you have to manage the settings according to your convenience
  • And then your ads will start appearing, you may delete your campaign in future.

Final Words

That was the campaign feature in Blogger. I hope you have understood completely. If you have any queries related to Campaign feature in Blogger, then you are allowed to lend it in the comment box. I shall get back to you soon. Till than keep sharing and liking.