The Top 3 Sites to Make Money Online

With the economy being as unstable as it is more and more people are looking for ways to make some extra cash from home.

There are many advantages to working from home as you may imagine. One advantage is that you save on time, gas money, and possibly even childcare expenses. In addition, you have flexibility in when you work and what you decide to do. This is a list of the top 3 sites to make money online as well as some helpful tips.



Fiverr is a great community where people buy and sell services for just $5. If you have a great product or “gig” as it is called, you can make some serious cash. This site is available to anyone anywhere in the world. There is a 14 day hold on the payments and once they clear you can withdraw the money into your PayPal account.



Mturk is a crowd sourcing platform where workers complete tasks or “hits” as they are called for payment. These hits range in pay from .01 to over $10. The hits can vary greatly in content as much as they vary in pay. Once your hit is approved and paid out the money goes into your Mturk account and can be withdrawn to your bank account or to your Amazon account in the form of a gift card. This site is available for worldwide users as well.

3. Odesk


This is a freelance site where individuals as well as companies come to hire people for various jobs. They can be jobs in transcription, translation, content writing, marketing, website development, data entry, virtual assistant, and anything in between. You begin by creating a profile and bidding on jobs. This site is very competitive. 

You can improve your chances of being hired for a job by creating a portfolio and taking as many of the tests available as you can. This site you are paid via PayPal. Odesk is also open to anyone worldwide.

Finding the right work from home job can be very challenging with all of the scams out there. Here are a few tips to go by when looking for work from home jobs. First, make sure to visit some work from home forums to get some leads and ask questions. These forums are full of valuable information; you can find out the good and bad about companies, get job leads, and ask questions on how to ace interviews with certain companies.

Also, make sure to look into a variety of work from home jobs. Take some time and Google your interests and see what’s out there.  Maybe you love to write or are great at transcription work. Do not assume that there may not be a job that fits your interests. In addition, research what sells. SEO and marketing is huge right now so it would be good to do that kind of work from home.

Good luck!