Avoid Getting Banned by AdSense Due to Copyright Infringement

It is against Google AdSense policies that you cannot monetize your ads alongside copyrighted material, in simple words you cannot use ads on copyrighted content that violates the copyright laws. Avoid getting banned by AdSense by following the Copyright infringement policies.


Any original work you see online is protected by copyright laws and without a specific permission you cannot use that material on your website. For example you cannot publish the popular music, images, movies or television shows without specific license.

Today, I am going to tell you about what are the Google AdSense content policies and why publishers get banned.

Content That You Don’t Legally Own

First thing you should know that you cannot monetize Google Ads if you are publishing copyrighted content on your website. Question is what’s copyrighted? Everything you find original such as an mp3 track, movies, TV shows or images are protected by copyright laws. Content owner can report this act of copying to the Google and in result you will lose Google AdSense account.

If you are using copyrighted content on your website, change it or remove it otherwise there are 100% chances that you will get banned in few days.


If your website displaying copyrighted content within a frame on your website, this will be considered as framing content. Using Google ads on such pages or website is also not allowed.

If you are doing such things, Google AdSense will take action against it and you will be banned to use the ads on your website.

Linking to Other Websites Containing Pirated Content

It is also not allowed to link the pirated stuff on your website. There are many websites that hosts pirated stuff such as torrents, game ROMS, pirated music and movies, it is strictly prohibited to use Google Adsense ads on such pages that contains links to pirated content. Check out below examples given by Google.

What should you do?

Google AdSense also sends notification asking to make changes in your website. They give you three days to resolve the issue. Read their notification carefully and make necessary changes on your website. You should also review your entire website to ensure that issue is solved. You don’t need to request Google to review your site. After you make changes  Google will review your site automatically in three days.

Final Words

Now a day’s everyone is interested in making websites or blogs and earn some money using Google AdSense program. To avoid getting banned by AdSense it is also necessary to follow the Google AdSense content policies so we can’t get in to any trouble in future. So make sure you always publish your own content. Not only Google will appreciate it, people will also find it interesting.