7 Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Websites, nowadays, are explored from numerous devices – Big and Small. And, responsive website design is the solution that caters to the demands of varied audiences using different types of devices. To say it simply – a responsive web design guarantees that the website works well not only on the desktops but also on the other web devices such as the smart phones, tablets, iPhone and iPads.


Advantage of responsive web design

Things are changing now. It is time that you do not deny your business a strong online presence by giving a deaf ear to the responsive design. It is imperative that you must not miss out on the golden opportunity to tap into this ever increasing market and most importantly outperform your competitors.

Here are some more reasons to go responsive and make your business successful.

Grabbing Interest of tablet and mobile users

Increased sales of tablets, great usage of the internet and development of mobile applications have been the prominent reasons behind the growth of responsive web design. And this is the reason that more and more businesses are paying heed towards the responsive designing to allure the users using the tablets and mobile devices.

Enhanced sales and conversion rates

With responsive web design, users can enjoy an enhanced browsing experience as it reduces the need for redirection. Besides, the usage of the standardized Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) across devices and a unified design approach will lend a coherent look as well as feel.

Users experiencing uniformity in browsing will be satisfied browsing the site, and this will positively affect the conversion rates.  Responsive website or a single site for multiple devices and browsers will help in getting rid of the obstacles that are presented by multiple sites, which are functionality, performance and consistent appearance of the site.

Uniting analytics and reporting

Site analytics tools like Google Analytics are now capable of managing multiple devices and responsive reporting. Tracking and analytics will keep on functioning and that will be compressed in the form of a report, making supervision and analysing a very hassle-free task.

Boost your visibility in search engines

SEO campaigns demand some precious time and money to get the desired results, but by developing a responsive site, all the efforts can be directed towards a single site, with a concentrated plan of action and tactics across all the devices.

It cannot be argued that the content rules the realm of SEO. A good quality content that is published on a regular basis enhances the reputation of a site or a blog on the search engines.  Therefore, uploading content on a single site goes a long way in improving or increasing the search engine ranking.

Additionally, the search engine giant Google has also mentioned that the mobile optimized responsive sites will certainly feature in the localized search results. This is obviously of a tremendous significance, especially for the online retailers.

Time and cost is saved on mobile development

The major advantage of responsive web design is that it does not eat up a lot of time, which is otherwise wasted in developing a stand-alone mobile site. The best part is that the standardized testing methodologies can be used to test the functioning of the website on different devices.

Reduce time and cost on site management

You don’t have to worry too much about managing and maintaining a responsive site.  Moreover, a single administrative interface is quite effective in handling the content and layout of the site, rather than looking after multiple versions of the sites.

Great offline browsing experience

The responsive websites coded in HTML5 possess offline browsing capabilities that lets the users access the site ‘on the go’, when there is no net connection. Great! Isn’t it?

With so many advantages to relish, it can be surely said that with responsive design you can save time, money, cater to a large audience and develop a comprehensive range of custom web design.


The sale figures of tablets and smart phones are indicating an upward trend with each passing year. Hence, it is vital to develop responsive websites to fulfil all the business objectives and have a competitive edge in the online world.