4 Android Tutorials for Beginners

If you are looking to learn Android development and trying to search for some nice Android Tutorials then you are at correct place. We here at Repeaters bring to our readers some set of tutorials that one might need as a beginner in Android development.

It is obvious if lots of information is available at the Internet and Books and you are a beginner and novice in that technology, then you is ought to get confused. We are here to pull you out of this confusion and present to you some set of tutorials that are required for beginners to go through.

Not all the tutorials that are mentioned below are focused towards beginners but most of them are found to useful for the beginners. You can start from some of them and then further enhance your skills with some other advanced topics in Android. So if you are not able to understand each and every bit from a single tutorial then do not get frustrated or desperate towards learning process, you may switch on to simpler ones later.

If you facing certain issues or problems, we would recommend you to spend more time with understanding of tutorial by reading them couple of times if required.

Building Your First Android App

One is fond of reading Building your first app tutorial for Android. Here you can find nice Building Your First Android App tutorial to read.

This tutorial is self-explanatory with many Practice sections at the end. All the important content required for the topic can be found in one place and you just have to give some time and read the same. 


Android Development Tutorial

This tutorial is kept on the top of list, the reason behind the same is that this tutorials is based on Android KitKat 4.4 i.e latest version as of today)

This tutorial has many topics and data than the tutorial that is offered by Google, so if you are looking for more depth knowledge then this is right tutorial for you.

This tutorial is not that easy or a simple tutorial. If you want more knowledge to be extracted out of this tutorial on Android Development then you must give some quality time in reading this one and understanding all concepts.


Video Tutorial Series

Personally, I think that video tutorial series are less useful unless the topic is based on design, automation or any visual animation kind of stuff. But many people are preferring this mode of learning. So I thought to bring into notice for our readers. I would like to recommend to our reader this video series.

Android Tutorial/Book

It might sound childish in nature but best way of learning any new concept is through reading books. A book is something which is well organized in the form of chapters, pages numbers, etc and layout perfect to engage the readers. For Android learning, we would like to recommend to our readers this pdf tutorial which is of book form which is a better option to learn Android.


We cannot guarantee that after reading all the tutorials mentioned above you will become a smart and effective Android Developer but they are best to start with for the beginners.

Most of these tutorials that are mentioned above are have some impact factor on readers over the year so, we thought of summarizing the same to our readers. If you like the collection of Android tutorials mentioned above do comment below and share the work in your circles.