Blogging is not just adding new posts and hitting Publish button, blogging is so much more than that. The best practice is to spend time and efforts on applying SEO skills on your blog posts. It is not about how many posts you are publishing, it is all about quality and techniques you are applying on your each post. SEO Steps Before Publishing Your Blog Post Here are the top 8 SEO steps before publishing your blog post to improve your ranking in search engines. 1. Keyword Research Performing keyword research and selecting what keyword phrase you are going to use will help to optimize your blog post. Google Keyword Planner is the tool which help you to select the right keyword and it also helps to calculate the traffic estimates. Use long-tail keywords, Google it and check the search results and actual competition then decide which keyword is perfect for your blog post. 2. SEO-Friendly Blog Post Titles When writing a title you have to use the keyword as near to the left of your title. A
Keeping the household budget under control can be difficult for most families, even those that have high incomes. If you have loans, high credit card bills, debts or lack of finances you may be struggling to budget effectively and this may create family conflict as well as lack of ability to plan for future commitments such as your children’s college funds or sufficient investments to keep you in retirement.  Financial awareness is important not just in times of recession but also when spending leads to living beyond your means. These can all be causes of stress and anxiety. Being able to spend wisely is a good way of teaching your children skills for living as well as reducing stress making situations within your family. Here are some financial tips that can help you if you are struggling with sorting out family finances or if you want to reassess what you are doing with your income and expenditure. Personal Finance You may be surprised that if you sit down and work out exactly what y
It is important to discover that which type of blog posts are getting popular and gaining good traffic. If you are looking to create a huge list of audience then you must avoid to write ordinary posts that is not helpful for readers. You must have to ask yourself these two questions before writing a post for your blog: What is the interest of my readers? What type of post will be shared more? If you follow some popular blogs, you’ll notice that some posts types are constantly published and also those posts are more tweeted, liked and most commented. All you have to do is to find the interest of your readers and create a strategy of publishing best type of post that brings traffic to your blog. To help in this matter, I have compiled a list of post types that will help to grow your traffic much faster. 1. List Posts Headlines that contain numbers bring more traffic than other headlines. Search engines love list posts and readers also tend to share this type of post more than other types
In this tutorial we will explain how you can program to build Android (games) Apps and thereby demonstrate the approach. In the other tutorial we want to go again in more detail, especially on the programming and uploading to Google Play, if read on this topic you would like more parts. Time and again we hear what some developers make their games and apps on Google Play or the iTunes App Store. Therefore, the question naturally arises, how to program Android apps by you. Because before you can set an app on Google Play, it must be programmed. Here, we address the skills you should have and how to upload to Google Play works then. In this tutorial, we also refer to other tutorials, since that would otherwise be too extensive. Accordingly, this is more likely to be seen as step by step guide from the idea to the implementation of the app to uploading the app on Google Play.   We have recommended resources retrieved with which you can program to build their Android apps. Should you know o
A domain is the name by which a company is known on the internet. It is the most important thing you need to have, if you want to start a website. In simple words, the URL we enter in address bar to open a website is called domain name. How to Choose a Good Domain Name Below, I have listed 10 useful tips on how to choose a good domain name for your website or blog. 1. Use Keywords Keyword research is very important, find best keywords that describe your business perfectly. Start playing with those keywords by making pairs and try to use the keywords in the beginning or end of the domain. 2. Easy to Remember Select the domain which can say easily by you or other users. It should also be spelled easily, so the user can remember it how to spell it. 3. Easy to Type Your domain should also be easy to type, avoid the names which includes those letters which we don’t type often like “Q”, “X”,”Z”. 4. Choose .com TLD Available Domain Having a .com domain name is ideal, the majority of internet
It is against Google AdSense policies that you cannot monetize your ads alongside copyrighted material, in simple words you cannot use ads on copyrighted content that violates the copyright laws. Avoid getting banned by AdSense by following the Copyright infringement policies. Any original work you see online is protected by copyright laws and without a specific permission you cannot use that material on your website. For example you cannot publish the popular music, images, movies or television shows without specific license. Today, I am going to tell you about what are the Google AdSense content policies and why publishers get banned. Content That You Don’t Legally Own First thing you should know that you cannot monetize Google Ads if you are publishing copyrighted content on your website. Question is what’s copyrighted? Everything you find original such as an mp3 track, movies, TV shows or images are protected by copyright laws. Content owner can report this act of copying to the Go
WordPress is most popular blogging platform and CMS (content management system). And it is also very easy to use specially if you are a beginner. In this tutorial we’ll learn how to install WordPress on your web server in less than five minutes. Many web hosting companies now providing tools such as Fantastico and Softaculous to install WordPress in a few clicks. But most recommended and secure way of installing WordPress is manual installation. Step-by-step guidelines on How to Install WordPress Things We Need Before Installing WordPress: Before we start the WordPress installation we need to have some necessary things: A Domain Name: First of all we need to have a domain name for our website. Godaddy offers affordable prices for domain registration with 24/7 Support. A Good Hosting Company: We also need to have a good web hosting server that offers WordPress. BlueHost is officially recommended by WordPress to get web hosting services. A Good Software to Upload Files: An FTP client wil